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15 Jun 2016

Board – Fury F4 (KKNG)

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Fury F4 (previously called KKNG F4) is a new FC being developed by kc10kevin. The board is in late stages of developement and it is close to be ready for releasing. Currently there are multiple versions of the board available with different configuration – MPU6000 or MPU6500 and SD Card slot or on board flash but later there will probably be only one board with MPU6500 and both Flash and SD slot. The board has nice “sideways” pinout for clean wiring.

Main features:
– Standard 36×36 Board (30.5×30.5 mounting)
– STM32F405RGT6: 32-Bit, 168MHz, 1MB
– 3 hardware serial ports.
– Built-in serial port inverter (UART1 RX) which allows S.BUS receivers to be used without external inverter.
– USB VCP (can be used at the same time as the serial ports).
– 4 PWM outputs (dedicated for quads).
– 5v buffering of PWM motor outputs.
– Dedicated 3.3v regulator for external devices/Spektrum (up to 500mA)
– Dedicated PPM/SerialRX input header pins.
– Dedicated SPEKTRUM adapter port.
– External SPI Connector
– Filtered inputs (UART, PPM, SerialRx)
– Dedicated I2C headers.
– MPU6500 SPI gyro
– Optional MS5611 Barometer on bottom of board for easy foam covering isolation.
– Blackbox Support (2 Options):
– On-board 8mb or 16mb SPI Flash for Blackbox recording
– On-Board MicroSD Card Support
– Voltage monitoring (built in Voltage divider)
– Current monitoring
– RSSI monitoring
– Buzzer Connector
– LED Strip Connector
– SWD Port
– Direct mounting option for a Pololu switching regulator for up to 6S lipo operation.

Pinouts (board layout is different now, but pinout is still the same):



Just an idea how a noname cheap BEC can be mounted directly to the board:


More information in official thread.