17 Jun 2016

Beta Release

Preston Garrison III 8 Comments

What do I need

This guide describes installing the beta if you already have Raceflight installed(Rc12), if you dont have Raceflight installed already go here for a guide on flashing Raceflight for the first time. I also recommend flashing your ESCs with Multishot if possible.

This is easiest going from RC12 if you have a BB already you will have to put it into DFU mode first and then flash, the Guide linked above explains the process.

Before you start make sure to go here and download the Configurator.crx and the correct .bin for your board.

On with the guide 

the first step is to install the new configurator. First open up chrome and go to Settings

Screenshot at Jun 17 22-23-57Screenshot at Jun 17 22-24-30

next click on Extensions

Screenshot at Jun 18 00-46-26


and drop the CRX file into the Extensions page

Screenshot at Jun 17 22-25-31

Now open the Configurator and it should  say 1.2.1


Next pick Load Firmware Local and select the Bin you previously downloaded for your board. AT THIS POINT IF YOU ARE NOT USING RC12 YOU MUST BE IN DFU MODE. After Loading the Correct file pick flash.

After it finishes flashing you should be able to connect with the configurator and the board should now work ! Go into CLI and type Verison and make sure it says BB225

Screenshot at Jun 17 23-23-51



Do not use UART 3 for Receiver, Currently only UART 1 works for Receiver.

Loop Control

Everything should be set to H8, unless you are running Oneshot then use H4

PWM Rate

PWM rate is determined by your ESC. Any ESC with a F39X esc or faster AND Flashed with Multishot can run up to 32Khz. Any ESC with F330 Chipset or Oneshot can run up to 4Khz


The default PIDS should work for pretty much everyone, if you’re using a F3 you may need to lower the D term and D term Filtering a little.

Always Stabilized 

It is now on by default and will always be on when Armed. It replaces Airmode, and Airmode plus doesnt do anything

Acro Plus 

Acro plus is now enabled whenever you increase the Acro factor from zero. I recommend using low rates like .2 and upping Acro Factor till you get the roll speeds you like to get the best stick feel. An Acro plus factor of 70 is a good starting place for Acro stuff, and for racing a factor of 30 is good.


Now you can easily go into RFBL by Grounding out the motor 5 pin to the ground pin, and go into DFU by Grounding out the motor 6 pin.

This also features the new Raceflight PID controller.

Please feel free to tell us your experience and any issues you may have. We’d love to see videos of you guys flying the new stuff 🙂