RaceFlight is a paradigm shift in the way our quads fly, the way we interface with the inner magic via the first clean FC software GUI, and the way we build our quads.

The Revolt is designed to work optimally with the RaceFlight Bolt 4 in 1 ESC.  The Bolt has three major features that when utilized correctly simplify the build and maintenance processes – a built in current sensor, pads designed for capacitors and a pin system that allows you to directly mount the Revolt FC to the Bolt ESC.  

In this walkthrough we will go over the installation of the Revolt to the Bolt on pins, with some best practices to help ensure your RaceFlight build is ready to rip.

The first step is to orient yourself and your boards so that you can see what will be happening throughout the process.  Install your gummies into the Bolt and Revolt by pushing a folded corner in first, and forcing the rest through carefully with something blunt.  For me a standard 2mm hex did the job easily.   Place the Bolt on the table with the large resistor that says 150 on it towards the North.  Now place your Revolt on top of the Bolt with the arrow on the top side facing North. As you look at the boards you will see that the North and South edges of the board each have a row of through holes that line up perfectly.  These are the holes in which you will be soldering the male and female header pins.  

Take off the Revolt and find your bag of pins that came with the Bolt.  There are both male and female pins.  The female pins will go onto the top of the Bolt and the male pins will go into the bottom of the Revolt.  The female pins are already provided in the right groupings.   The next step will be to install your pins.

Place your bolt onto your frames stack standoffs and then place the 4 pin female group in the through holes at the North of the Bolt right behind the resistor that says 150, and place a set of 2 group female pins on either side.   Place a set of 2 group female pins in the through holes on the South side of the Bolt next to the main battery pads on both sides. 


Now you will need to snip corresponding male pins for the Revolt.  You will need one group of 4, and 4 groups of 2.  Rather than soldering the boards independently of each other you will do it together.  To accomplish this place the corresponding male pins into the female pins already on the Bolt. The short side of the pins goes into the female pins and the long side will be sticking up.  Now push the Revolt onto and down the stack standoffs of your frame, all the way into the pins.   Ensure that you keep everything well lined up as you mate the boards together.  

Now carefully pull the entire stack off the standoffs, ensuring that you keep it well mated.  

Using your soldering iron you will now solder the pins to their respective boards by applying heat and solder to the top of the Revolt and the bottom of the Bolt.  I like to solder the Revolt first because the pins stick 9 miles out, and once soldered they can be clipped to an appropriate length.

To solder the pins to the Revolt I liked having my TS100 at 350C.  Place the iron on the through hole pad with a corner touching the pin, and feed in solder. Do not bridge any pads. Repeat this for all the pins on the Revolt.

Once you have ensured that everything is well soldered you can clip the pins sticking out the top of the Revolt down to an appropriate length, remaining careful not to twist or tweak them or otherwise risk ruining your joint.

When you are done with the top of the Revolt, keep the stack mated, and flip over to the bottom of the Bolt.

To solder the pins to the Bolt I liked maxing out the heat on my TS100 to 400C since the Bolt has thick copper layers.  This is especially noticeable on the square shaped through holes.  Place your iron on the through holes so it touches a through hole and give it a little time to heat up.  At this point I like to let a tip of my iron now touch the pin as well, and feed solder onto the through hole and pin.  Repeat this process throughout the bolt, but either put a little less heat into the circular through holes or heat them for a little less time.    

Congrats! Your Revolt is now installed to your Bolt and you are ready to proceed on with your build!  The stack can be pulled apart carefully and can be worked on independently and installed with ease.


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