Hey there, so here is a quick guide on what to do, when your windows pc configurator does not recognize your rf revolt fc with rf1 on it. For this tutorial there is also a video guide available: First you have to open your windows device manager.   In the device manger search for your

  If you wish to Force Flash different firmware on to your ESC’s, follow this guide. The following is to only be done at your own risk, only do the following if you know what you are doing. 1WIRE Commands (Must have battery plugged in and Props removed). All commands are entered without quotations.  “1wire

Spektrum bind support Spektrum bind with hardware bind plug support. The Spektrum bind code is actually enabled for the NAZE, NAZE32PRO, CJMCU, EUSTM32F103RC, SPARKY, CC3D, ALIENWIIF1, ALIENWIIF3 targets. Configure the bind code The following parameters can be used to enable and configure this in the related target.h file: SPEKTRUM_BIND Enables the Spektrum bind code BIND_PORT

USB Flashing Some newer boards with full USB support must be flashed in USB DFU mode. This is a straightforward process in Configurator versions 0.67 and newer. The standard flashing procedure should work successfully with the caveat of some platform specific problems as noted below. The “No reboot sequence” checkbox has no effect as the

Flashing RaceFlight onto your flight controller for the first time?  Use these steps: 1. Your flight controller should not be powered by a battery during this process. 2. Download the latest RaceFlight firmware files for your board.  Since RaceFlight v2 is under development, new versions are released often, and usually on Dropbox.  Check RC groups