Flight Controllers

To install Taranis OpenTX 2.2 and Add the RF.LUA, follow these steps – Before Proceeding make a backup of the models and settings Under Read/Write choose Backup Radio to a file. Go to https://raceflight.net/taranis/ and download the required firmware and files. Once installed, launch Opentx 2.2. Click on Settings and Settings again. Check Mark the option

Hey there, so here is a quick guide on what to do, when your windows pc configurator does not recognize your rf revolt fc with rf1 on it. For this tutorial there is also a video guide available: First you have to open your windows device manager.   In the device manger search for your

Physical Connections 1) Solder S.Bus to TX1 Pad 2) Solder VCC to VCC Pad 3) Solder Ground to Ground Pad 4) Solder S.Port to RX3 5) Bridge VCC and 5V Pads for TX1 6) Bridge INV1 and TX1 Software Configuration 7) Run Detect Receiver step in RaceFlight One configuration software. Manual Configuration 8) Go to

How many times has this happened to you?  Saturday morning, wake up early to throw together those parts that arrived during the week…frame, motors, ESCs, flight controller and more…can’t wait to fly this thing.  Rush it out into the back yard, power it up, add some throttle, and nothing…or worse, smack, an instant and violent